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For more than thirty years Rory Steele was an Australian diplomat, with early postings in Ghana, South Korea and Egypt. He specialised in disarmament at the UN in Geneva and later in his career was secretary of the Canberra Commission for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Prior to that he was Australia’s Ambassador to Iraq (1986-1988) and subsequently (1997-2001) Ambassador to Italy.

Throughout his career he wrote poetry that was published in leading Australian journals and in some anthologies, on a wide range of themes deriving from his experiences and travel.

Since 2001 he has devoted his energies mainly to writing. Articles principally on Middle East issues and reviews of books have appeared in Australian newspapers and journals. He has had published a work of historical fiction on Italian partisans in World War II and co-authored two books on voting by the Italian diaspora in the parliament in Rome. In 2016 his biography of famed Italian POW and mountaineer Felice Benuzzi was published in Australia and the Italian version came out early in 2017. His biography of Ben O'Dowd, an Australian hero of the Korean War, was published in 2019.

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Felice Benuzzi

Ben O'Dowd

Ghosts in the Helmet Trees - Italian partisans 




some dates

1943 born in Perth, Western Australia .

1954-56 lived in Liguria and Tuscany

1962-66 Oxford University (BA Hons Modern Languages)

1964-5 taught at the Liceo Scientifico Mercalli, Naples

1969 joined the Australian Diplomatic Service

1989 Royal College of Defence Studies, London

Rory Steele


former diplomat